Get your kids coding. Learning valuable, life changing skills during the COVID-19 outbreak, for free.

Skill Struck focuses on helping today’s students prepare for tomorrow’s workforce.

Girl working on coding project

Why Skill Struck?

We're developing the next generation of computer scientists by helping your student discover their technical skills as they master the concepts of Computer Science.

Regardless of previous experience, your student will be guided through Skill Struck’s engaging learning platform.

As they journey down a path of learning, they will work towards becoming a master of Web and Software Development while learning in-demand languages like Javascript, and Python.

Coding is for everyone.

Voyage, Skill Struck's learning software, is engaging and fun for any student.

With a built in-text editor, video help, code autograder, and creative challenges, Voyage offers diverse content for diverse students.

The platform is focused on project based learning to encourage your kid to learn, apply and review their newfound knowledge.

As your kid follows the online curriculum, their projects, websites, and apps will be available in a personal portfolio.

Teachers love it, because kids love it.

"It's awesome because the kids say it doesn't feel like 'work'. It's more interactive and fun. It gets the kids involved and participating even while I'm remote. All of my kids are doing really well with the Skill Struck material at home. They are seeing it as a reward and something fun rather than just another class."
- Whitney, 4th Grade Teacher - Bonneville Academy

Overview of Voyage

Free Access to Voyage

To help those who are staying home due to COVID-19, we are offering our Online Coding Courses within our Voyage platform to students for free for the next month. Click below to apply for your school!

At Home Learning Collective

Skill Struck is part of an innovative group of ed-tech companies working together to help our communities and schools during these difficult times. Check out other resources available for free for your school: