Healthy Technology Use at Home with Anneliese Pixton

by Skill Struck // Jun 3, 2020

Technology in the home is always a relevant topic, but in the current educational climate it’s especially relevant for both educators and parents. It’s a top . . .

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Effective Online Education with Kami Taylor

by Skill Struck // May 11, 2020

With COVID-19 changing our new normal it is more important than ever to connect as a community and learn from each other, so we talked to Kami Taylor from Jo . . .

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Preparing to Respond to the Full Four Year Grant

by Skill Struck // Apr 22, 2020

When was the last time a completely new subject was added to K-12 education? The Utah CS Master Plan, released this past fall, is groundbreaking and uncharte . . .

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10 Tips from Teachers on Remote Education

by Skill Struck // Mar 30, 2020

We know that this is a strange and challenging time for educators all over the world. We’re proud to partner with you as you tirelessly work to help each of your stud . . .

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5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged in At Home Learning

by Skill Struck // Mar 17, 2020

5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged in At-Home Learning We know this is a stressful time for educators, as you are making the switch from in-class to onlin . . .

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Introducing Skill Struck's New Brand

by Skill Struck // Jan 3, 2020

Skill Struck started as an online tutoring service to teach coding and digital literacy to teenagers. This . . .

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Why Parents Love Skill Struck

by Skill Struck // Jul 16, 2019

Now that we’re living in the era of tech, most kids these days are exposed to many forms of technology at an early age. In fact, it’s surprising how quickly some two year olds can navigate to their fa . . .

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Skill Struck Releases Version Two of Ninja and Are Calling It Voyage

by Skill Struck // Jul 9, 2019

On July 1, 2019, Skill Struck released Voyage—version two of their recent product Ninja. Voyage is an affordable way for kids to learn how to code through fun, engaging coding challenges. Kids are . . .

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Introducing Ninja: Skill Struck's Newest Family Product

by Skill Struck // May 14, 2019

On May 14, 2019, Skill Struck released Ninja—an online learning product that provides fun, interactive coding challenges for kids. Families that are already enrolled in Skill Struck’s . . .

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Pizza, Ping Pong, Perks: What Your Employees Really Care About

by Skill Struck // Jan 30, 2019

Show employees you care about them, and their families, by giving them worthwhile skills. The year is 2019. You walk into a software company’s headquarters. Two employees cheer as they are . . .

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Your Children Want Video Games For Christmas? Better Yet, Give Them Coding.

by Skill Struck // Nov 26, 2018

Kids and teens love asking for more screen-time for Christmas. For most families, Christmas is a fun time to spend quality time together. As Christmas lists are sent to Santa, parents worry about w . . .

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What Is The Best Way To Learn Coding?

by Skill Struck // Nov 20, 2018

From online videos to bootcamps to tutors. Which is best for you or your child? According to, 67% of parents and 56% of teachers believe students should be required to learn computer sci . . .

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Should My Kid Learn to Code? 3 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes

by Skill Struck // Nov 8, 2018

There are a million activities competing for your child’s time. How do you know what is best? Meet Grace. As a teenager in today’s world, she goes from school to countless other activities. . . .

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